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Rent-to-own in Moscow


are included for
the whole period

Down payment
from 10 %

Аренда авто с выкупом

Get your car at once
after signed agreement

Возможность выбора моделей для личного тестирования

Brand new cars
up to 2 years old

Легко поменять авто без формальностей

Easy to choose
another car

Выплата постепенно

flexible individual
payment schedule

Минимальный перечень докум.и требований к арендатору

A minimum number of documents is required

Договор защищает права всех сторон

A contract secures both
sides of agreement

For the further information, please call 8-965-190-03-92.

Car rental with further purchase in Moscow on advantageous conditions. There are no hidden cost or price changes, flexible individual payment schedule and a minimum number of documents.

Car rental with further purchase for individuals and legal entities. A huge car fleet is presented. Purchase a car for taxi.

Car rental with further purchase, by instalments, no banks and without down payment (the decision is made individually for every customer).

You do not have enough money to buy a car at once. Have any problems with banks. We offer a great option - car rental with further purchase (by installments). All you need is to select the precise model, use it by your own, make interval payments for a pre-specified period of time and obtain permanent ownership after final payment.

Preliminary calculations

Car’s price:

We get:

1 contribution:

Monthly payment for rent for 1 year:

Monthly payment for a 2 year lease:

The calculations are preliminary type. For further information contact +7 (495) 933-13-33 us or submit a request

Troika CRC’s rent-to-own advantages:

We offer a car rental with further purchase:

  • Popular economy type models, well established themselves in taxi service job.
  • A variety of models for private use: sedans, SUV, minivans etc.
  • Business and luxury vehicles, that can be used to drive the executives, partners and etc. It is also a good way to start your own business in transportation services like taxi.

For additional information, please contact our manager or visit website page “Car fleet”

Troika CRC’s rent-to-own conditions:
  • Down payment is 10% of the total amount. It could vary between 10 and 90% of the purchase price. The more down payment is the less interval payments are.
  • A lessee does not have to bear expenses on the current car technical maintenance, installment of the anti-theft system, seasonal tire changes.
  • Expenses on transport tax and preparation of OSAGO and KASKO policies are also included in the rental rate.
  • Try test-driving before purchase.
Whom will fit rent-to-own?
  • If you do not want to commit to get a loan. Troika CRC rent-to-own requires minimum set of documents. For a taxi use, we will prepare all necessary documentation such as license for providing taxi services.
  • There are some reasons not to advertise your income to others or get a loan. You do not have permanent ownership of the vehicle, so there is no obligations towards any financial institutions, but you still have the right to drive it.
  • If a car for certain reasons does not meet your requirements any longer, you can change it. Troika CRC has a huge car fleet for any taste. There is a possibility to renew an agreement at any time. The sum of money that you have already paid to that moment will be recalculated in a new agreement.
  • If you do not want to think about periodical maintenance, insurance preparation, search for seasonal tires etc. Depending on type of cooperation and chosen tariff, conditions may be changed.

Car rental with further purchase is profitable for legal entities either. In that case, you drive the cars at your own discretion. At the same time, the vehicles are not on the book so you have no need to pay additional taxes.

To buy a used car is always risk. You do not know the person who sells it; know nothing about vehicle’s condition and any restrictions according it. To purchase a car in our company is a 100% way to get serviceable vehicle and be protected by an agreement.

What kind of cars are available for rent-to-own? Almost every car in our fleet is on. Starting from economy class such as: Nissan Almera, Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, Skoda Rapid; comfort class cars: VW Jetta, Skoda Octavia, Ford Focus, Kia Ceed; SUV’s: Nissan X-trail, Kia Sportage, Toyota LK Prado, Lexus RX, LX; luxury: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and others.

Contact our managers to get your car on the day. They told you all necessary information about documents we require. To get taxi license is also possible with Troika CRC.

For information, please contact us +7 (965) 190-03-92.

Submit a rent-to-own request

Only for RF citizens who registered in Moscow or Moscow region.

By pushing "order" you accept the private policy agreement Doesn’t include
OSAGO for a year Technical maintance
KASKO for a year
Transport taxes
Technical condition examination
Winter tires
Full Secure (CCI)

Full secure (CCI) covers:

Funds are held due to vehicle damage including:

Full secure does not cover:

The client is obliged to comply conditions of the rental contract. Full secure does not compensate all costs and expenses which may be incurred for not complying to the rental obligations including: an inflow of the wrong type of petrol being not suitable for the engine of the vehicle and/or in case of inflow of impure or dirty fuel; driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs; violation of the Street Code and/or other rules (exceeding speed limit, dangerous driving, crossing of the solid line, wrong turns or running a red light)

Full secure compensate the whole damage except the following:

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – limiting the responsibility of the renter in cases of automobile damage. In case of damages occurred to the vehicle, customer will be responsible for the here below CDW penalty up to the maximum charge, determined considering the category of the rented vehicle. From 20000 to 180000 rubles.

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP does not include:

The limitation of compensation within the above limits referring to the CDW and TP penalties is effective only if the harmful event is not due to malice (willful misconduct) or gross negligence of the Customer, and in any case provided that the damage does not pertain to one of the following parts of the rented vehicle: 1) all glasswork; 2) wheels; 3) the underside; 4) upholstery, 5) internal parts in general; 6) all vehicle accessories; 7) car documents; 8) car keys, plates, triangle, safety kit, high visibility vest and etc. the Renter will be totally charged for the loss of profit resulting from the technical stop (non-use) for the necessary repairs.

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