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Can I hire a car without paying deposit?

Sure. If you meet the further requirements:

  • Russian Federation registered persons;
  • Minimum age is 25, driver’s experience is not less than 5 years;
  • Card payment method or credit card(s) in renter’s own name; 
  • The vehicles is not be taken outside Moscow/ Moscow region;

Do not worry if you are not under requirements. It is still available to hire a car with deposit.

Is it possible to issue a long-term rental? How much will it cost?

Troika CRC offers a long-term rental. Tariffs are available in “long-term rental” section. We meet our customer’s demand and shaping personal tariffs in case of month rental or longer. Contact us to gain beneficial conditions for car rental. Troika CRC also provides a long-term rental with further purchase.

Is it possible to hire a car with further purchase?

A long-term rental with further purchase service refers to the whole car fleet of our company. You chose a vehicle and a rental buyout period. Payments are made in accordance with a flexible individual payment schedule every month. It is agreed personally with every client. When everything is counted, you may use the car and make monthly payments. In the end of rental buyout period, you will become a new owner. For further information, visit our website page “services/buyout”.

Who will pay for the car repair in the event of an accident?

All the car of Troika CRC are insured with KASKO (Motor Own Damage) and OSAGO (compulsory motor TPL insurance). The renter is liable for all damages to or loss of the vehicle occurring during the course of the rental. A renter bears full responsibility in terms of franchise. The repair costs will be refunded only if the breakdown and/or damages are not caused by the Renter. Renter shall provide documents confirming the occurrence of the insured event. Documents shall include information on who the party in fault is. Contacts us when an accident we will help you to call road police and provide another car.

What if I want to visit Europe? Is it possible to leave the Russian borders by your car?

No problem at all! Just make a booking and inform our manager about your trip to another country. We provide all necessary documents for you to travel all over the world without trouble. Green Card is available for purchase at any near border location and not included. Travel by car is the most preferable because of economy and freedom to move anywhere you like. Have a nice journey!

Where should I drop off a vehicle? Is it possible do drop it out of the office?

You are able to drop off a car at our offices or any point in Moscow. Additionally payment for out-of-office drop off is required.
Please, inform us about your wish in advance.

Is it possible to install child safety seat in Troika CRC’s car?

If you want a vehicle to be equipped with a child safety seat, please, inform our manager.

Can I take a car in your company while I am only 20 years old?

To hire a car in our company you should be above 21 and has an experience not less than 2 years.
However, in exceptional cases we are able to allow hiring. I depends on your real driving experience, availability of a private car etc. Call us for additional information.

Is it possible to hire a single car with a friend of mine?

Sure, to rent a car both of you have to be added to a contract. It is free for up to three drivers.

What happens if the car breaks down or if I have an accident?

We take care of our clients and provide them with complete 24-hour emergency roadside assistance at more than 400 cities in Russian Federation. The numbers to be called are printed on the rental agreement. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, you will receive prompt assistance. In there is no possibility to repair a vehicle locally we will provide another one of the same class as yours. Just inform our manager about your trouble and it will be solved as quickly as possible.
Please refer to Troika CRC assistance® Coverage map when planning your trip.

I took a car yesterday at 9 a.m. and will drop it off the next day at 7 p.m. should I pay for the whole 2 days?

No, you should not. It is a new service in Troika CRC. You can pay only for 1 day and 60% additionally instead of 2 days.

What will happen if I late to return the car in time?

The vehicle should be return to us at the latest on the date and time shown on the rental agreement document. We do you a favor, which is 2 hours tolerance period at the end of the rental. If it is not enough, you have to inform our manager about delay. With a delay in the return of the car from 2 to 12 hours, the Renter is obliged to pay 60% of the day tariff. If the car is delayed for more than 24 hours, the Renter shall pay for the whole day. In case of no respond, Troika CRC serves the right to call the police and issue an AMBER Alert.

What should I do if the car is stolen?

Troika CRC car fleet has TP insurance. In case of theft of the vehicle, you shall contact us and provide with a copy of the report of theft filed before by the local police authorities. Do not forget to return the keys and official papers of the vehicle if those have not been stolen. A replacement car will be provided to you to cover your rental length.

May I get a discount from you company?

Please, visit our website page “extras” for a discount or special offer. Discount cards are applied to all tariffs of our company. Contact us.

Is there any AD printed on your cars?

There are no stickers or any AD on our cars. It is easy to convince of that just take a look at real photos of our cars. Simply clicking an icon of favorable car to see it in different colors.

I have been looking through website and seen a car in various colors. Can I book the car in selected color?

We try to offer the best service to our clients. Certainly, you can choose a preferable color in advance. Every car in Troika CRC’s fleet has presented in two or more colors. We do our best to provide you a car in selected color. It is exclusive offer from Troika CRC.

Can I take a car without booking?

Surely. Visit our office and choose a car among those, which are not booked before. However, we strongly recommend calling in advance to book preferable car in selected color. Booking is a guarantee of selected car will be available. Contact us and find out about vehicles in stock.

I arrive at SVO International airport. Can I get a car here and drop it off at the hotel?

Certainly, Troika CRC will organize the delivery to the airport and back. The accepted means of payment are credit cards and cash. To prepare all the necessary documents and to book a car contact our manager.

Do I need to return a car with a full tank of fuel?

We provide you with a vehicle with a full tank of fuel of a determined level of fuel mentioned in the Rental Agreement. Return of the vehicle with the same level of fuel tank is preferable. We will charge for filling service in case renter returns car with less gasoline from the amount supplied.

What about new cars? How often do you renew your car fleet?

It happens according to the plan. All of our cars are under 2 years old. The most popular novelty models appeared on the market are already in our fleet. Check it out.

What is the minimal rental period in your company?

The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours). It is possible to take a car even for 2 hours, but is has to be paid for the whole day either. It is possible to pay for a day and a half instead of two full days. Profit.

I have only an international driving license. Can I pick up a car in your company this case?

Of course, you can. International driving license allows you to travel all over the Russian Federation without any restrictions. Besides, an international driving license helps us to provide a security check and prepare all the necessary documents faster.

Do you have any special conditions when drop off?

Our offices are located near the car washes and gasoline stations so you can fill the car to full or wash it. Renter undertakes to return the vehicle and the keys to the place and by date specified on the rental agreement in the same conditions as received and with the same equipment and accessories.

Do your cars have winter tires?

Our automobiles are fitted with tires depending on season. In winter, all cars are fitted with studless tires. Troika CRC car fleet is growing rapidly and about 70% of vehicles are equipped with new tires. Studless tires allows you to travel to Europe without any restrictions. We also have vehicles with spiked tires exploitation due to bad weather conditions and unpaved roads in Moscow region.

What happens if the car breaks down while I am renting your car?

We take care of our clients wherever they are. Troika CRC assistance® will solve any problem occurred to a car throughout the country regardless of whether it is an accident or a vehicle malfunction. Contact our transport manager +7 (495) 933 – 13 – 33 (add. 2) and ask him for help. A replacement car will be provided to you to cover your rental length in case of the car is unable to be repaired. Troika CRC assistance® covers all the RF and Belarus territory. We will not abandon you beyond RF borders also.

Did not find the question interesting you?

Write it to us and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible

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Full Secure (CCI)

Full secure (CCI) covers:

Funds are held due to vehicle damage including:

Full secure does not cover:

The client is obliged to comply conditions of the rental contract. Full secure does not compensate all costs and expenses which may be incurred for not complying to the rental obligations including: an inflow of the wrong type of petrol being not suitable for the engine of the vehicle and/or in case of inflow of impure or dirty fuel; driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs; violation of the Street Code and/or other rules (exceeding speed limit, dangerous driving, crossing of the solid line, wrong turns or running a red light)

Full secure compensate the whole damage except the following:

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – limiting the responsibility of the renter in cases of automobile damage. In case of damages occurred to the vehicle, customer will be responsible for the here below CDW penalty up to the maximum charge, determined considering the category of the rented vehicle. From 20000 to 180000 rubles.

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP does not include:

The limitation of compensation within the above limits referring to the CDW and TP penalties is effective only if the harmful event is not due to malice (willful misconduct) or gross negligence of the Customer, and in any case provided that the damage does not pertain to one of the following parts of the rented vehicle: 1) all glasswork; 2) wheels; 3) the underside; 4) upholstery, 5) internal parts in general; 6) all vehicle accessories; 7) car documents; 8) car keys, plates, triangle, safety kit, high visibility vest and etc. the Renter will be totally charged for the loss of profit resulting from the technical stop (non-use) for the necessary repairs.

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