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BMW 118i AT NEW Car Rental in Moscow

Brand: BMW

BMW 118i AT NEW Car Rental in Moscow

Brand: BMW

Short description:

BMW 118 2017-2018 is a comfortable and very frisky hatchback with rich configuration, navigation and leather interior. It successfully combines seemingly incompatible things: compactness and inner space, classic design and modern look, power and suppleness.

5 #
5 #
Automatic #
1-2 days 4500
3-6 days 4275
7-14 days 4050
15-30 days 3825
1-2 months 3600
Deposit 15000
  • Driving experience not less than 3 years
  • Minimum age 23 years
  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours
  • Limitations on mileage - 250 km / day
  • The additional option "without mileage restriction" is available when renting from 3 days
  • Additional option "Full Secure (CCI)"
Pick up date
Return date

Additional services

4 275 ₽ / day

Total cost: 12825 ₽ for 3 day

Deposit: 15000 ₽

Mileage limit: 250 km / day

Mileage exceed: 12 ₽ / km

To book
  • Engine typeGasoline
  • Power 170 h.p.
  • Maximum speed222 km/h
  • Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h7.5 s.
  • Fuel consumption5.8 l/ 100 km
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Drive wheelRear drive
  • Passenger seats5
  • Length4324
  • Maximum volume of Luggage (trunk)360
  • Year of production2017-18

The newest BMW 118 is a comfortable and very frisky hatchback, which is an ideal candidate for a conductor’s role in a big city. This car successfully combines seemingly incompatible things: compactness and inner space, classic design and modern look, power and flexibility. If you rent a BMW 1 Series without driver, you will get all these attributes at the same time.

Bavarian kid

Externally, the new BMW 118 has all the characteristic features of the Bavarian family. Its design is recognizable anywhere in the world and needs no introduction. Continuity has always been a major feature of BMW, so the German "penny" will not surprise you with its appearance.

The same goes for the interior. By hiring a BMW 1 Series you are guaranteed to receive the highest level of comfort. However, the Germans do not know how to do another. So we advise you not to be surprised with a huge 8.8-inch screen, the expensive materials of the interior and the perfect ergonomics of every detail of the front panel. Rear seats are surprisingly spacious, and the trunk is very decentfor this size.

A doctor ordered to rent.

Small dimensions do not mean this car has a small heart. It is really small, but powerful enough to allow its owner to drive on an equal footing with larger models. The 1.6-liter engine develops an impressive 170 hp. For a golf class it is even too much. This BMW 116is not a weak! Therefore, rent this car only if you are sure that you can tame it.

Well, if you are a fan of driving, then the perfectly tuned chassis of this car and rear wheel drive will please you even more. Renting a BMW 118 without driver will allow you to fully enjoy the ride on the highway, especially considering that the city's fuel consumption is only 4.8 liters.

However, the main purpose of this BMW is still different. It is ideal for operation in the city such as Moscow. That is why car hiring of this model is so popular in our company and that's why we advise it to you. If you are going to move within the city. Are you looking for a BMW 116? BMW 118 is much better! Rent a car in the Troika CRC.

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1 year: 143000 ₽/month
2 years: 91000 ₽/month
Manufacture year: март 2017

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Full Secure (CCI)

Full secure (CCI) covers:

Funds are held due to vehicle damage including:

Full secure does not cover:

The client is obliged to comply conditions of the rental contract. Full secure does not compensate all costs and expenses which may be incurred for not complying to the rental obligations including: an inflow of the wrong type of petrol being not suitable for the engine of the vehicle and/or in case of inflow of impure or dirty fuel; driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs; violation of the Street Code and/or other rules (exceeding speed limit, dangerous driving, crossing of the solid line, wrong turns or running a red light)

Full secure compensate the whole damage except the following:

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – limiting the responsibility of the renter in cases of automobile damage. In case of damages occurred to the vehicle, customer will be responsible for the here below CDW penalty up to the maximum charge, determined considering the category of the rented vehicle. From 20000 to 180000 rubles.

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP does not include:

The limitation of compensation within the above limits referring to the CDW and TP penalties is effective only if the harmful event is not due to malice (willful misconduct) or gross negligence of the Customer, and in any case provided that the damage does not pertain to one of the following parts of the rented vehicle: 1) all glasswork; 2) wheels; 3) the underside; 4) upholstery, 5) internal parts in general; 6) all vehicle accessories; 7) car documents; 8) car keys, plates, triangle, safety kit, high visibility vest and etc. the Renter will be totally charged for the loss of profit resulting from the technical stop (non-use) for the necessary repairs.

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