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BMW X5 G05 Car Rental in Moscow

Brand: BMW

BMW X5 G05 Car Rental in Moscow

Brand: BMW

Short description:

The new BMW X5 G05 2019 model year – the iconic SUV, is already available for hire in the company TROIKA

5 #
5 #
Aвтомат #
1-2 days 14800
3-6 days 14060
7-14 days 13320
15-30 days 12580
1-2 months 11840
Deposit 40000
  • Driving experience not less than 5 years
  • Minimum age 25 years
  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours
  • Limitations on mileage - 250 km / day
  • The additional option "without mileage restriction" is available when renting from 3 days
  • Additional option "Full Secure (CCI)"
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Additional services

14 060 ₽ / day

Total cost: 42180 ₽ for 3 day

Deposit: 40000 ₽

Mileage limit: 250 km / day

Mileage exceed: 20 ₽ / km

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  • Тип двигателяДизельный
  • Максимальная мощность249 л.с.
  • Максимальная скорость230 км/ч
  • Время разгона 0 - 100 км/ч6.5 с
  • Расход топлива7.7 л/100 км
  • Коробка передачАвтоматическая
  • ПриводПолный
  • Количество мест5
  • Длина4922 мм
  • Объем багажника645 л
  • Год выпуска2019

Rent a BMW X5 G05 in Moscow without a driver and with a driver

In Moscow, recently appeared BMW X5 last generation, but the company TROIKA is already available for rent this legendary crossover.  Renting a BMW X5 G05 without a driver is an exclusive service of our company.

What's the new X5 like ? Only a rental and a long test drive can give an idea. The transition to the CLAR modular platform gave the new SUV a new air suspension and a bunch of modern electronics.  After a ride on it, you will realize that against the background of any other competitor or models of the previous generation, this is a fundamentally different car.  Although it is conservative in appearance, but the design is deceptive and BMW X5-the top of modern technology! The manufacturer managed to improve both the handling, cross-country and comfort of the cabin.  There are no more traditional arrow devices, they have been replaced by a digital panel. There is a new projection display and climate control unit. The interior trim meets the highest standards of German quality. The instrument graphics and responsiveness are impeccable. By renting a BMW X5 G05, you can imagine the future of the automotive industry.

The last generation of the X5 was associated mainly with brutality and pressure, then the new feature is a super-modern electronic filling and impeccable noise insulation that does not let any noise into the cabin. The air suspension makes the car perfectly comfortable when driving on any roads. When loading, the X5 can drop by 40 mm. If a puncture occurs, the suspension will reduce the load on the damaged Run Flat tire. The BMW X5 feels softer in motion, but the intelligent steering is still pleasing to the jeweler's precision.  Any, the steepest turns crossover passes perfectly accurately. Significantly updated and engines. Troika offers a BMW X5 with a modern 249 HP diesel.. Fuel consumption is only 7 liters per 100 km in mixed mode. Acceleration to 100 km / h Takes only 5.9 seconds.! The clearance is 214 mm, which allows you to move on a rented X5 on any roads. The new generation makes clear the course of BMW's development. Now it's comfort and personalization, if you want the car becomes a convenient gadget. 

You can rent a BMW X5 in Moscow in our company with a driver for a period of 3 hours at a price of 3000 rubles per hour.  Renting an X5 without a driver costs 14,500 rubles per day and is reduced depending on the rental period. The "full protection", "unlimited mileage" and "no Deposit"options are still available. You can take it on a long trip to Russia or go abroad, for example to Europe. You can arrange a rental in any of our offices or by leaving a request on the website. If necessary, we will deliver the BMW X5 to any convenient address in Moscow, to the airport, to the train station, or to your office and home.
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BMW X5 G05
BMW X5 G05
1 year: 528000 ₽/month
2 years: 329000 ₽/month
Manufacture year: декабрь 2018

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Full Secure (CCI)

Full secure (CCI) covers:

Funds are held due to vehicle damage including:

Full secure does not cover:

The client is obliged to comply conditions of the rental contract. Full secure does not compensate all costs and expenses which may be incurred for not complying to the rental obligations including: an inflow of the wrong type of petrol being not suitable for the engine of the vehicle and/or in case of inflow of impure or dirty fuel; driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs; violation of the Street Code and/or other rules (exceeding speed limit, dangerous driving, crossing of the solid line, wrong turns or running a red light)

Full secure compensate the whole damage except the following:

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – limiting the responsibility of the renter in cases of automobile damage. In case of damages occurred to the vehicle, customer will be responsible for the here below CDW penalty up to the maximum charge, determined considering the category of the rented vehicle. From 20000 to 180000 rubles.

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP does not include:

The limitation of compensation within the above limits referring to the CDW and TP penalties is effective only if the harmful event is not due to malice (willful misconduct) or gross negligence of the Customer, and in any case provided that the damage does not pertain to one of the following parts of the rented vehicle: 1) all glasswork; 2) wheels; 3) the underside; 4) upholstery, 5) internal parts in general; 6) all vehicle accessories; 7) car documents; 8) car keys, plates, triangle, safety kit, high visibility vest and etc. the Renter will be totally charged for the loss of profit resulting from the technical stop (non-use) for the necessary repairs.

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