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Schukinskaya metro station


+7 (495) 933-13-33 (add. 2003)
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Aviatsionnaya Street, 24 b.1 How to get: Schukinskaya metro station, first rail wagon from center, move upstairs, turn right, upstairs again, go around “Schuka Shopping Mall” , move toward 200 m. until you see 3 staged technical cener on the left. Than enter the building, move upstairs at the 2-nd floor, office 23
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Car rental at northwest district in Moscow, Schukinskaya metro station

Car rental at north-west district in Moscow, which includes eight areas: Kurkino, Mitino, Strogino, Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo, Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Schukino, North and South Tushino. Total area: 93,281 square meters. Population is about 1 million of people.

Northwest district is not the biggest district in Moscow, but car rental services without driver are very popular here.

You can choose one of the following classes: economy, standard, business, premium, SUV/ 4x4 or van. The cars have perfect technical condition that is constantly controlled by our professional mechanics. All the cars in our fleet are under 2 years old. Troika CRC please you with cheap prices and perfect service. Our vehicles has all necessary equipment such as winter tires or insurance.

Car rental at northwest district in Moscow is available for citizens of the following areas:

  • Kurkino – brand new business-class area with average income people
  • Mitino – the biggest among all others at population
  •  Khoroshevo-Mnevniki – the biggest area regarding to total area
  •  Strogino – picturesque place at the floodplain of Moscow river
  •  Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo – the most sightseeing area
  • Schukino – here is our office located at
  • North and South Tushino – central area
  • Khimki – Moscow region area

To order a car rent service please feel free to contact us +7 (495) 933-13-33 or submit a request on our website. Car rental in Troika CRC is often easy, comfortable and prestigious. Troika CRC extends the borders. We are at VDNH, Sviblovo and Babushkinskaya soon. Northeast and north districts will be available for car rent services in the nearest future.

Car rent or car hire services in Kurkino, Mitino, Strogino, Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo, Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Schukino, North and South Tushino.

We will deliver the car to any address in Moscow

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Large car park, low prices, high quality
Full Secure (CCI)

Full secure (CCI) covers:

Funds are held due to vehicle damage including:

  • Body, roof, underside;
  • Windows, mirrors, door locks;
  • Engine, transmissions, battery;
  • Wheels (tires, discs, caps);
  • Theft;
  • Taxi costs, tow truck services from the place of an accident, or damage;
  • The loss of profit resulting from the technical stop for the necessary repairs.

Full secure does not cover:

The client is obliged to comply conditions of the rental contract. Full secure does not compensate all costs and expenses which may be incurred for not complying to the rental obligations including: an inflow of the wrong type of petrol being not suitable for the engine of the vehicle and/or in case of inflow of impure or dirty fuel; driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs; violation of the Street Code and/or other rules (exceeding speed limit, dangerous driving, crossing of the solid line, wrong turns or running a red light)

Full secure compensate the whole damage except the following:

  • The tow truck service in case of out of power battery, fuel freezing, wrong/unclean refueling, loss of keys or forgetting them inside the vehicle, road help organized by the Lessor;
  • Cleaning or sanitation, damage caused to interior. (except in case of accident);
  • Damage/loss of any of the following: Child safety seat, GPS navigation system and etc.

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – limiting the responsibility of the renter in cases of automobile damage. In case of damages occurred to the vehicle, customer will be responsible for the here below CDW penalty up to the maximum charge, determined considering the category of the rented vehicle. From 20000 to 180000 rubles.

Standard Insurance or CDW/TP does not include:

The limitation of compensation within the above limits referring to the CDW and TP penalties is effective only if the harmful event is not due to malice (willful misconduct) or gross negligence of the Customer, and in any case provided that the damage does not pertain to one of the following parts of the rented vehicle: 1) all glasswork; 2) wheels; 3) the underside; 4) upholstery, 5) internal parts in general; 6) all vehicle accessories; 7) car documents; 8) car keys, plates, triangle, safety kit, high visibility vest and etc. the Renter will be totally charged for the loss of profit resulting from the technical stop (non-use) for the necessary repairs.

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